Manufacturer Rebates on Air Conditioning Units

 Instant cash back, and spring rebates are now available from most of the major HVAC manufacturers on air conditioning units. We have air conditioning units ready for immediate installation, we can save you money on your purchase.
Save money today before summer arrives. When The Heat Arrives, The Rebates Are Over!

Electric Company Rebates Are Available In 2015

Air Conditioning Rebates Are Available From Austin Energy
Air Conditioning Rebates Are Available From Pedernales Electric Cooperative

Know When To Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

We are often asked each day by our customers “when should I replace my air conditioning unit?”

We suggest using the following guidelines listed below in making a decision on whether to replace the air conditioning unit, or repair the air conditioning unit.

  • Major Repairs Such As Compressor Failure, Evaporator Coil Leaks, Condenser Coil Leaks, or Furnace Heat Exchanger Safety Concerns. These Issues May Warrant Air Conditioning Unit Replacement.
  • Age Of The System Is 12 To 15 Years Old, Or Older. If It’s Near 20 Years Old Or Beyond, Replace The AC System.
  • Upgrade The Air Conditioning System When It’s At Least 10 Years Old, Or Older, For Increased Energy Efficiency And Start Saving On Your Electric Utility Costs.

Air conditioning units that are around 10 years of age will start to require frequent, inexpensive repairs. Our data, collected from field repairs, suggests that starting in years 12 To 15, the small inexpensive repairs will slowly migrate toward more costly major repairs. Always call for an AC repair at the first sign of trouble. Small problems with the AC unit will lead to large problems over time.

Air Conditioning Units For Every Budget

There are literally thousands of air conditioning units in the marketplace today. With such a large selection, there is an air conditioning unit that will work with every budget. Financing is available, and qualification is easy. We work closely with major manufacturers and local distributors. These relationships afford our company the opportunity to pass great deals on air conditioning units directly to our customers.

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